Fully Utilize NAS guide: How to add unofficial sources to App Center

Thrid-Party applications for NAS NAS contains loads of features, but there are even more open source packages throughout the Internet! In many cases, NAS manufacturers are not able to integrate them into their own kit center. XF will demonstrate you

活用NAS全攻略:為App Center加入更多來源

NAS 套件其實有非官方來源 NAS 功能眾多,但網絡上的開源套件更多!很多時候NAS廠商都無法一一整合到自己的套件中心內。大王會為大家示範如何在QNAP NAS內加入QNAP官方以外的套件來源,讓大家的NAS可以安裝更多實用套件。 設定教學